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Give to the Max Day – November 12, 2015

It’s that time of year again! Next Thursday, November 12 is Give to the Max Day: a day to show off your “Minnesota Nice” and donate online to your favorite schools and nonprofits — like the Loppet Foundation! Last year, you helped us raise nearly $15,000 on Give to the Max Day and we hope to surpass that next week! If we reach our goal of $15,000, we’ll receive a special match of $5,000, provided by an anonymous Loppet supporter. Please consider making a gift to the Loppet Foundation next Thursday — or save time now by scheduling your contribution online.  Your gift will make a difference in our overall work in the community, including our stewardship of Theodore Wirth Park and our youth programs in North Minneapolis elementary and middle schools.

BONUS: It has become a Loppet tradition for John Munger to make a spectacle when we reach our Give to the Max Day goals. Remember Prince and his “Purple Snow” last year? John is cooking up something special for this year — stay tuned for the details!