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2015 August FAST KIDS Camp

Over forty youth participated in the August FAST KIDS Camp this past week at Wirth Park. The week was filled with many outdoor adventures that included roller skiing, mountain biking, trail running, canoeing, ultimate and other Nordic ski specific activities.

The kids were put into six different ability groups from beginner to advanced and were coached by some of the top LNR Junior skiers and other LNR adult coaches. Head FAST KIDS Coach Kim Rudd was very impressed with how hard both her coaches and the kids worked all week long. The coaches worked with the kids on proper double pole technique and were able to review their own technique on video.

Some of the highlights from the week include:

  • “Echo Challenge Day” – Youth completed an endurance triathlon event of roller skiing, canoeing and mountain biking!
  • Treasure hunt run – Kids ran from clue to clue on an adventure run around Wirth park that finally lead them to an edible treasure.
  • Strength Test – Campers were tested in how many situps, pushups, pullups, dips and box jumps they could do in one minute.
  • Agility Relays – FAST KIDS competed in a side by side agility relay over hurdles, ladders and cones to test their quick feet.
  • Ultimate, Capture the Flag and Relays – There were a few days of rain, but this did not stop FAST KIDS from enjoying some outdoor games at Wirth!
  • Water games – When the sun came out the kids loved to play water freeze tag, water balloon relays and water wars!

Camp picture link from Loppet Facebook: FAST KIDS 2015 August Camp.

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