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Ski to Uptown Member Event

With the new snow and impending warmer temps we’ve decided to use the opportunity to have an adventure ski.

  • What: Ski from Wirth Beach to Uptown and eat dinner at Davanni’s (pay for your own dinner)
  • When: Thursday, March 5 – leave from Wirth Beach at 5pm
    • Buses return at 6:15pm, 7:00pm and 7:45pm from Walker Library area.
  • Who: Middle School Teams, Fast Kids, LNR Juniors, and Loppet members.
  • Cost: Free for those listed above, $10 if not a member.  Cost of dinner is on your own.

We recommend using rock skis as there are likely to be a few rougher sections.

Additional Details:
Drive to Wirth Beach and ski from there to Uptown (stronger/faster skiers ski Bog and Butler, slower skiers take the direct route).
Ski to bottom of Mall, take skis off an walk up Mall to Hennepin.
Right on Hennepin to Lake Street.
Left on Lake Street and Davanni’s is on the left.
Once finished buses will be leaving from on Lagoon near the Walker Library.