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Midwest Junior Championships the Final Event in the CXC Youth Cup

The Midwest Junior Championships are the final event in the CXC Youth Cup. Skiers in the U-14 and U-12 age divisions from across the Midwest have competed all season, with the Youth Cup the final event in the series. While many of the earlier events have only some of the various athletes competing, all of the top athletes are expected to compete at the Midwest Junior Championships. That is because the Midwest Championships counts for double points. So if a skiers wins at the Midwest Championships they receive 60 points rather than the usual 30. Why does it matter? The top eight male and female U-14 skiers qualify for a Dream Camp in Marquette, Michigan, with Olympic level coaches.

Look for yellow leader bibs at the Midwest Championships. The leader bibs are worn by the skiers who finished as the top male and female skiers in each age category going into the Midwest Championships weekend. See the current CXC Youth Cup Standings here. Check out the full Series rules here. Also note that in mass start events skiers will be seeded according to their CXC Youth Cup standings going into the Midwest Championships weekend.