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Give to the Max Day Recap: Save the Date for Dec. 20

The Loppet Community rallied for Give to the Max Day 2014 to support the Loppet Foundation, its work with North Minneapolis youth and its community efforts more broadly.

Compared to the 2013 results we experienced a 26-percent bump in the number of donors and a 40-percent increase in the amount raised this year. What was driving the increase? While we do not know for certain, we imagine that some donors had ulterior motives beyond an altruistic motivation to support our programs. They wanted to see John Munger dress as Prince and dance on skis, which John agreed to do if we collectively raised $10,000.

Boy, we are a lot of overachievers: we raised $15,000 for our cause! Amazing! Thank you!

The money will support our overall work in the community, including our stewardship of Theodore Wirth Park and our youth programs in North Minneapolis elementary and middle schools.

Organizers are keeping the song choice close to the ski vest but rumor has it they have ordered the Prince garb. The unveiling of John Munger as Prince will take place on Saturday, December 20 at the Solstice Ski. Can’t make it? There will be a video.

Sheryl Golin of Loppet Gangnam style video direction fame will make a reprise of John’s dancing prowess.

Or, you could be like John and Jean Lavelle who changed their flight back from Colorado so they could see the performance live. What dedication!

So, don’t disappoint, John Munger! People are adjusting travel plans to see this!