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Trail Loppet Half Marathon Course Improves . . .

This year’s Surly Brewing Co. Trail Loppet Half Marathon will include a few small changes/improvements to the course. First, and most important, organizers have figured out how to get rid of the two-way section in the second half of the race, while at the same time eliminating a section of running on asphalt. This new section is at about the 7.5 mile mark, with the only downside being that it is no longer possible to do a two-for-one aid station in that location. Arguably, there were too many aid stations in this part of the course and they were challenging to access for the volunteers. Accordingly, organizers have decided to consolidate to one better and more fully supplied aid station near the Par-3 building – at about 9 miles. With that change, Half Marathon runners will have four stations – one at 2.8 miles, one at 5.7, one at 9 and one at 11.7.

Other changes include a small deviation in the Back-40 portion of the course – with a slightly different route down to Twin Lake and a new route on narrower trails after coming up the switchbacks from Twin Lake. The Tornado Alley section of the course will also change – with two new sections of single track – one along Bassett Creek and the other through a meadow type area.

Finally, watch for the section through the Quaking Bog portion of trails. The Minneapolis Off-Road Cyclists Association (MOCA) is adding new trails along the section that parallels the Parkway. The running trail in that area goes through the “construction zone.” The trail should be passable, but may be a little rougher than normal.

All in all the course should flow better and include more single track and narrower trails – but will be the same tough course as always . . .

Click here for a map of the new course.