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NEW: Registration for All Point-to-Point Loppet Events Capped

Cap on Loppet Events

To ensure a great experience for all participants, participation in all point-to-point events and the Luminary Loppet at the 2015 City of Lakes Loppet will be capped this year. Specific caps as follows:

  • Luminary Loppet – 7,000 participants
  • Loppet Skate Marathon – 1,000 participants (200 in each wave)
  • Hoigaard’s Classic Marathon – 500 participants
  • Puoli Loppet – Classic – 250 participants
  • Puoli Loppet – Skate – 300 participants
  • Tour – Classic – 500 participants
  • Tour – Skate – 400 participants
  • Snowshoe Loppet – 100 participants
  • Penn Cycle Fat Tire Loppet – 200 participants
  • Chuck & Don’s Point-to-Point Skijoring Loppet – 25 teams
  • Subaru Dogsled Loppet – 15 teams

The hope is that these caps help make for a better experience for all involved.

“We are excited to have these caps in place,” says Race Director Mike Erickson. “We can plan for these numbers, get the right number of volunteers, and we expect these numbers to mean a good, not-too-crowded experience on the trails.”

Note that many events filled last year. These numbers are generally a little higher than participation numbers in 2014, but these caps have been set conservatively to avoid overcrowding and to ensure a good experience on the trails. The Foundation expects most events and waves within events to fill. Accordingly, to ensure a spot it is advisable to register early.