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Anwatin Alumnus Creates Videos for Internship

This summer the Loppet Foundation is creating a series of videos from how-to-put-up-a-snow fence tutorials to videos that tell the story of our work with youth. The project started out simple: to hire a high school student to capture some basic videos. But then a professional videographer, Seth McGaha, came along at the same time Anwatin ski and bike team alumnus, Saysetha Philaphandeth, expressed an interest in the position.

Turns out that Seth is a teaching assistant at Anwatin Middle School during the school year and has a budding videography business during the summer called Spruce Video Productions. While Seth did not work specifically with Saysetha his experience with youth gave Advancement Director Kristen Spargo an idea: what if we created an internship with Saysetha and Seth partnering together. Sayeatha would learn from Seth, and we would get videos created by a professional videographer at a relative deal.

Their first video featured Loppet volunteers and was released before the UCare Tri-Loppet. The videos features Loppet Foundation leaders and volunteers talking about the importance of volunteers to our work and shares a few tips to remember when volunteers come out to support one of our four large-scale community events.

We are looking forward to seeing what the crack team of Seth and Saysetha create for the Loppet Foundation during the remainder of the summer. Stay tuned!

Update: Saysetha and Seth spent a lot of time at Loppet Adventure Camp over the summer and created this video that captures the spirit of the week-long day camp in Theodore Wirth Park.

sasetha picture

 Saysetha as a middle school student  (far left)                        Saysetha in action this summer