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UCare Tri-Loppet Course in Great Shape

The UCare Tri-Loppet course is in great shape. We might make a slight adjustment to a short portion of the bike course, but we are guessing very few participants will even notice it. We’ve also made a couple of course changes that we think participants are really going to like.

There’s a small amount of trimming we are finishing up here and there, but by and large the course is ready to go.

If you didn’t get signed up online there is still time. Registrations will still be taken in person on Friday, June 27th, at Hoigaard’s in St Louis Park from 5-8 pm. Go to Hoigaard’s, get signed up, and buy a new bike and boat for the race on Saturday! How much better can it get than that?

Thanks to our title sponsor UCare, for their support.