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Loppet Adventure Camp is Going Strong

Loppet Adventure Camp is in full swing! The campers are having fun. The counselors are working hard. And camp director Allie Rykken still had the energy to take a group of youth on a weekend trip.

The initial weeks are putting the “adventure” in Loppet Adventure Camp. One camper learned to ride a bike–one that is being maintained by the all-star bike maintenance crew of Loppet alumni Xavier Mansfield and Jezeir Bradley. Allie was delighted to find all of the bikes operational on the first day of camp.

kids at camp

The campers are engaged in a lot of fun activities from paddling to playing Capture the Flag and Ultimate Frisbee, from orienteering to hiking. While observing Loppet Adventure Camp one morning, a Loppet staff member watched a spirited game of Capture the Flag. Energetic Demitri Esades and the rest of his light blue teammates were chasing and attempting to corral members of the yellow team and put them in “jail.” The team shouted, “Your boundary ends there! If you come across here we will grab you!” And they were true to their word as the light blue team proved victorious.

adventure camp2

Demitri’s mom, Tracy, said that she is grateful for Loppet Adventure Camps. Demitri has also participated in the Loppet Adventure Ski Camp, and the family has always participated in the Luminary Loppet . When talking about the Loppet Foundation Tracy said, “You guys do terrific programs for the city.”

She went on to say that “Demitri so needs to get his sweat head on! He has so much energy he has to get it out!”

We completely understand, Tracy! Many Loppet members and staff also need to get their “sweat heads” on!