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Still time to join the Ski Club

By Anthony Taylor

My first week as a skier (I use that term lightly) has been great!. I have been out with the Loppet Adult Ski Club twice and once on my own.  It has been a great adventure so far. The coaches – Mike, Steve and Tom – have been really cool; they give me the perfect balance of a hard time, encouragement, and technique. Thanks to all of the club members that have felt sorry for me and keep reminding that getting good at skiing is a life-time commitment. That part of the joy is that you always have something to work on.

Thanks, Kevin Johnson, for giving me a great lesson on how to buy skis. It was incredibly helpful to understand the “why” of the buy. I got fitted for skis, boots, and poles, and I must say that nothing is more motivating than new gear.

So, it is still not too late to join the ski club or to get some coaching from the team at Loppet Nordic Racing before the season gets into full swing.