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The 3rd Annual Surly-est Runner Contest!

Did you get bumped around a bit on the trail? Or really roughed up? Let us be the judge. The one we deem most scratched, scraped and scrubby will be crowned the 2013 Surly-est Runner, rewarded with bragging rights and SurlyFest tickets!

Contest Info:

Timing: The contest will take place immediately after the awards ceremony. You must be present to win.

What to do: Come to the Surly tent to get your name on the “Most Messed Up” list before awards start.

What counts: Anything goes! We take scrapes, blood, sprains, lacerations and breaks (though, really, we hope it doesn’t come to this).

Bottom line: The worse off you are the better your chances of winning. Cheating is unacceptable.