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“Middle of the pack” – Surly Ski Suit

Surly suitSomewhere in the middle of the pack… lies a skier like you.

We know you are out there – but can we find you?  Every year hundreds of people ski the Freestyle Loppet, however only a lucky few end up on the podium.  As in years past, the participants in this year’s Freestyle Loppet will be shooting for that golden spot somewhere in the “middle of the pack”.

The 400th skier in this year’s Freestyle Loppet will win a Surly Brewing Co ski suit.

So good luck in your race.  We hope you get 400th!  And remember… you can be the Surly-est skier and still smile…

Winner will be announced at the awards ceremony, Sunday Feb 3., 3:00pm, Comedy Sportz.