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Athlete Profile – Kristopher Cubias (NSJ)

Kristopher Cubias gaining speed in a race.

Kristopher Cubias is a returning seventh grader participating on the Nellie Stone Ski Team. The Loppet caught up with Kristopher after practice for an interview and here is what he had to say:

You’ve been on the Nellie Stone Ski Team for a year. How does it compare with other sports you have done?

I mainly like skiing. When I tried those other sports like basketball and soccer I never felt like I was in my zone. At first I wanted to give up, but Coach Jon pushed me. Now I love it – I feel like I am flying when I’m skiing.

Why did you start to like skiing?

I like to try new things. I am an adventurous person. In sixth grade I met my awesome coach. If it wasn’t for coach Jon showing me all those cool skiing tricks like drifting, V1, V2, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

You are a veteran skier on the team now. How do you want to help your teammates?

I want to help more of my teammates be motivated for racing…. Races are so long and they get fatigued. I want to help them keep going, and not give up on skiing.

What do you like most about skiing?

I like everything. I like just begin on the snow, I like flying and being free.

I’m the only one in my family that skis. My sister is in 6th grade and I’m going to make her ski even if she doesn’t want to. She’ll try it and then she’ll be sold.

What are you going to work on this year?

My trouble is between V1 and V2. Coach Jon says I have to keep the ski flat so I’m going to work on that too. I’ll get better glide if I do that and I can go faster.

Coaches Comments: Nellie Stone Coach Jon Miller is enthusiastic about Kristopher’s efforts. “Right off the bat he was naturally pretty good. He got on roller skis and right away he picked up a real natural stride.” As Kristopher emerged as one of the strongest skiers on the team, Jon said he is mentoring Kristopher in leadership skills. “While kids can grow up thinking that leaders are “the best” (fastest, strongest, etc), we are trying to teach them that being a leader is helping other people be the best… Kris wants to be good and wants to help others. We really like working with him.”