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Team World Vision runs the Surly Trail Loppet!

This year the Surly Trail Loppet is welcoming Team World Vision to the start line. Team World Vision is an organization that pulls new runners out of the woodwork with the mission of raising money for projects abroad. This year, over 200 runners will be embarking on their first trail running experience to raise money to support clean water initiatives in Africa.

While most people are drawn to trail running for the love of running and the woods- most of the folks signing up to run with Team World Vision to run the Surly Trail Loppet have had little to no running background. But that had not curtailed enthusiasm for embarking on this challenging and life changing experience. “People’s responses right now have been that of enthusiasm and excitement. Most of our runners are fairly new to running altogether, let alone a trail run AND a half marathon,” said Team World Vision coordinator Bradley Hofbauer. “We are excited for people to take this big challenge and inspire their friends to support them with a donation.”

Team World Vision chose the City of Lakes Surly Trail Loppet because it offers their participants a new challenge. We say, ‘the bigger the challenge, the more inspired our support network will be.” With over 1,000 ft of elevation gain throughout the course- it will definitely offer all runners their own mountain to climb.

By connecting running and healthy lifestyle opportunities around the globe, Team World Vision and the Nordic Ski Foundation have similar missions- to provide the services and activities needed for people of all ages to pursue healthy and active lifestyles. “We value community initiatives for health and fitness and the Nordic Ski Foundation embodies and encourages that value,” Hofbauer added. “This race seems like a blast and we are excited to add to the party!”