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The Season has Begun! Loppet Ski Club in motion

While the cold and dark days have sent many Minnesotans into hibernation mode, members of the Loppet Ski Club have had no difficulties making the transition into winter. Since the additional inches of snow last weekend, Theodore Wirth Park has been brimming with skier activity, mostly during the evening hours where the darkness of the park is illuminated by headlamps, skylines, starlight and snow. Packed parking lots, criss-crossing ski tracks and well slickened slopes are all signs of the enthusiasm regarding skiing in the city.

The Loppet Ski Club has been meeting since early November, and there are nearly 170 members in the Club!  Bounding, hill runs, pole hikes and conditioning have all been a part of the dry land scheme. Some loath it- some love it, but everyone does it for the same sweet reason: to be the best skier they can be during cross-country ski season.  With that said, Mother Nature’s early delivery of the white goods could not be more appreciated.

There are three groups winthin the Loppet Ski Club:

  • Recreational Club: The Rec. Club is the longest running Loppet Group. Coached by a team of lifelong skiers, the facilitators focus on instilling cross-country skiing philosophies, process and technique, that is applicable to both the novice and lifelong skier.
  • Inter/Adv. Freestyle: For those who want to push their skiing (and heart rate) to the next level, the Freestyle Group meets with 3 coaches (all current racers) once a week for folks who want to focus on strength, technique and racing. Group members organize workouts on the weekend.
  • Classic Group: Exclusively classic, this group will hone its striding and double poling skills. Some classical experience is necessary as sessions focus on improving technique, efficiency and training regimes.

Beyond practice…. The various Loppet Ski Groups expand beyond the coached sessions. Potlucks, weekend skis, out of town training trips, racing cohorts (and competition) and lifelong friendships all find their way into the season. While breaking into different interests and abilities, the Loppet Ski Club supports all levels of cross-country skiers and is a chance to support and celebrate skiing in Minneapolis.

The groups meet once a week for coached practices, as well as additional training sessions on the weekend. While practices are underway, you can still join us if you are interested! Sign-up at