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Trees Cleared – Tri-Loppet Is Out of the Woods!

After a week of (very) hard work, the Conservation Corps and the Park Board finished initial clearing of most of the paths in Wirth Park. This means that it will now be possible for runners and bikers to make it through the UCare City of Lakes Tri-Loppet course without climbing over piles of downed trees and brush. There is still work to be done this week – but it is in the nature of raking and throwing smaller brush from the trail – work that can practically be done by volunteers.

The one piece of trail that is still subject to question is the first three quarter mile of the Tri-Loppet bike course – the portion that winds around Wirth Lake. With an ongoing construction project hung up because of the tornado, it is doubtful that piece of trail will be ready for the big event. Instead, bikers will probably have to head to the north, along the east side of Wirth Lake, before merging with the regular course near Highway 55. The status of this portion of the lake will be more clear by Thursday – but for now participants should assume a slightly modified bike course.