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Competition Team

This is a group of dedicated cyclists who share a commitment to a healthy lifestyle through cycling as well as being a meaningful contributor our cherished cycling community. Our goals are to encourage and support all LCW riders to engage in a healthy lifestyle through the friendship, teamwork, and fun that cycling offers, to contribute to the betterment of our community through social service, to help others get to the next level through focused training and participation in organized events, to increase the visibility of our generous sponsors and stakeholders through participating in races, charity events, and team group rides while participating in social networking to provide positive support of our sponsors and stakeholders, and to be conscientious of personal character on and off the bike so we can continue to promote the sport and our sponsors in a positive light.

Team members receive coaching support, drills and programmed workouts specific to their level of competition and seasonal objectives, membership access to Trailhead studio classes, Trailhead Bike Shop discounts, exclusive access to premiere destination trips, and sponsorship support benefits. In addition to being part of a committed team focused on training to race, LCW Adult Competition Team participates in local charity events, service to the community, and support for LCW youth development teams through mentorship, role modeling, collaborative training activities, travel, and event support.

Membership Term: April 15 – September 1


Frequency: One (1) group practice a week (choose one session from five session offerings per week), five (5) race minimum

Price: $475

Includes: Coaching, exclusive access to Loppet Trails and facility, kit (jersey and bibs/bottoms), sponsorship perks, race-day support, training camp eligibility, and community engagement opportunities, 20% discount on elite 1:1 coaching sessions


Frequency: Two (2) practices a week (choose two sessions from five session offerings per week), no race minimum

Price: $750

Includes: All of the basic package perks AND combination of two (2) smart trainer and/or strength sessions per week, 50% discount on elite 1:1 coaching sessions, VIP gift package (you won’t be disappointed!)

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