Loppet Foundation

LNR Adult Summer Programs

Additional Program Notes

  • Recreational skiers are encouraged to join the Loppet Ski Club
  • Group Size – Depending on how you would like to train, LNR offers two sizes of training groups:
    • Small Group: Meet with experienced coaches in smaller groups to improve your ski technique. Sessions will focus on balance and technique drills, though most sessions will also include an intensity or specific strength component, and include some video analysis over the course of the season. Small group sessions available for roller skiing, and classic and skate techniques.  In the small group format we strive for a coach to athlete ratio of 1:10.
    • Large Group: Led by experienced coaches and facilitators, larger groups have a larger coach to athlete ratio. Coaches will lead a variety of workouts covering both technique and fitness throughout the year. Large group sessions offered for dryland, and classic and skate techniques (no rollerskiing).  Typical coach to athletes ratio is 1:16 in the large group format.
  • Intermediate training groups do not include training plans, lactate testing or in-depth video analysis. Athletes seeking those services should look under “Wave 1.”