Saturday, January 13, 2024

Loppet High School Invite

The Loppet High School Invite is sponsored by the Eden Prairie Nordic Ski Team in cooperation with the Loppet Foundation. The Loppet Invite is a sanctioned high school invitational nordic ski meet held at Theodore Wirth Park.

The Invite is designed for the top ten varsity ski racers from each high school to compete in a limited field of 16 teams from Minnesota. Three skiers will race in the 5K skate, three in the 5K classic, and four (two relays of two) will compete in the sprint relay event.


  • 1/5/24: The race is on! Expect the 5K course to be a two-lap race on snowmaking trails. We are full except for space for one more girls team.

16 teams with up to 10 boys and 10 girls. Each team will enter the following number of racers for boys and girls teams. Individuals may participate in only one race (5k Skate, 5K Classic or the relays). Relays must be the same partners from qualifying to finals.

Individual Races

  • 3 racers entered for individual 5K Skate.
  • 3 racers entered for individual 5K Classic.
  • Each mass start race will have three wave starts with one minute between each wave. Place one skier in wave 1, one skier in wave 2, and one skier in wave 3.

Sprint Relay Race

  • Each team will enter two relays with two skiers each (4 skiers total per school team).
  • There will be two semi-final heats for both boys and girls. Each school will have one relay in each heat.
  • The top two relay teams from each semi-final heat automatically qualify for finals. The next six fastest relays advance by time to the finals.
  • The relay technique (classic or skate) will match the state meet in that given year. Update: 2023 will be skate relays.

Team Scoring

The team score is determined by each team’s top two 5K Skate finishers, top two 5K Classic finishers and top relay team. For the 5K races, the point values will begin at 60 points for first place, 59 for second place, 58 points for third place, etc. For the relays, the point values will begin at 119 points and descend by three points for each successive place, i.e. 119 points for first place, 116 points for second place, 113 points for third place, etc. Non-scoring individuals, as well as relays, will hold their finish place, and bump other individuals or teams down in place. Note that relays that don’t make the finals are still scored by time. A team’s total score is the sum of their 5K Skate, 5K Classic and relay scores.

  • 7:30 am: Coaches Meeting/Bib Pick-up – Inside Trailhead
  • 7:45 am: Volunteers report to finish line

Schedule is subject to change depending on conditions. All events below will start and finish in lower stadium near the Trailhead building/parking lot.

  • 8:30 am: Girls Semifinal Sprint Relay – Heat 1
  • 8:50 am: Girls Semifinal Sprint Relay – Heat 2
  • 9:20 am: Boys Semifinal Sprint Relay – Heat 1
  • 9:40 am: Boys Semifinal Sprint Relay – Heat 2
  • 10:00 am: Boys 5K Classic (three waves, one minute apart)
  • 10:05 am: Girls 5K Classic (three waves, one minute apart)
  • 10:30 am: Boys 5K Skate (three waves, one minute apart)
  • 10:35 am: Girls 5K Skate (three waves, one minute apart)
  • 11:00 am: Girls Sprint Relay Finals
  • 11:20 am: Boys Sprint Relay Finals
  • 11:45 pm: Awards (as soon as results available)

* The relay technique (classic or skate) will match the state technique in that given year.

  • 2024 Registration opens Monday, October 16, 9am! (Please read bullets and see link below)
  • A password is required to register and was sent to coaches. Coaches – if you did not receive it or need it sent again, please contact Paul Johnson to have it sent to you.
  • If registration appears to be full, feel free to contact Paul to get on a waitlist and to inquire about the likelihood of getting in.
  • On the registration page, please fill out the Basic Info section (on the first page of the registration path) with the person’s information who is filling out and paying for the registration. The next page will ask for the coach’s contact information. If the coach is doing both, fill in the coach’s information twice.
  • Deadline to register is December 31 or until meet is full (16 boys/16 girls teams), whichever comes first.
  • Fee per team is $170 ($340 for boys and girls). Price increases to $215/$430 on December 15.
  • Registration is online only. Please contact us if you require an alternative payment method and we will hold a spot to accommodate your school.
  • A separate registration process will be shared with coaches to enter specific athletes into races closer to the event date.
  • Click to go to: Loppet Invite Registration

Directions: The Trailhead

Please note: Courses may be dependent on natural snow and ongoing progress on the snowmaking loop. We will strive to keep all teams apprised of our trail conditions. Courses described below are considered tentative.

2024 Course Map (Google): Loppet Invite 2024 Google Map

Sprint Relay Course Information

Out of the lower stadium, around the roundabout, up to Coaches Corner and head back down to Jim’s Hill and around to the finish. Note: We have decided to keep this long-standing course (sections course may be slightly longer).

5K Skate/Classic Course Information

Possible Course: Twin Lakes loop, come back towards the stadium and go up the Ridgeline Trail and do LaSquadra. Return on Ridgeline Trail to stadium. We will try to get two tracks placed where it makes sense. It will not be best line.

Theodore Wirth Park / Loppet Foundation Fluoro Policy Info »

Trail Passes

  • Any teams skiing the course before or after Saturday must purchase passes for all skiers and coaches.
  • Racers displaying their bibs do not need to display a ski pass on Saturday. All other skiers must be displaying a ski pass.

The Trailhead and Team Tents

Teams must set up camp outside along the south and west end of the stadium. The back portion of the Trailhead will be available for teams/athletes to warm up and leave some small items. Each team will be assigned one table in the space provided. Please do not encroach on other team’s tables/space. The cubbies along the walls are also available for use. The Trailhead is open to the public. Please remind your athletes to be considerate of other users.

  • Additional portapotties will be provided outside.
  • Waxing must be done at team tents set up near the Lower Stadium start/finish area.
  • Food
    • CROCKPOTS/SMALL APPLIANCES MAY NOT be plugged in or served from inside The Trailhead
    • Sack lunches and snacks can be stored in team areas in the Lower Stadium then eaten inside while racers warm up.
    • Food from outside restaurants must be delivered, stored and consumed outside
    • Mill Valley, our concessionaire at The Trailhead, will be open during race days but will be limited in their capacity to feed all athletes and spectators during the short breaks during the day. 

Bus Drop Off and Pick Up

Please note the following 2023-24 policy regarding buses:

  • Pre-Meet Dropoff – Buses may drop off teams in the one-way circle in front of The Trailhead (1221 Theodore Wirth Pkwy)
  • During the Meet – Buses must park off-site (away from The Trailhead and Wirth Chalet) until Post-Meet Pickup
  • Post-Meet Pickup – Buses must pick up teams in the Wirth Chalet parking lot (1301 Theodore Wirth Pkwy) at the end of the meet. 5 minute walk from Trailhead. Please do not park in front of the Trailhead for pickup.

Please instruct buses to return at 12:30pm (or time of your choice) to pick up teams at the Chalet.

Award categories will include:

  • Individual 5K skate and classic awards for the top five boys and girls
  • Top three sprint relay race teams for boys and girls
  • Overall boys and girls team winners with combined points from relay and individual races (team award)

Each team needs to donate an assistant coach or experienced parent to help run the sprint, classic, and skate individual races. Duties will include skier lineup, starters, course control, timing helpers, and stadium set up. Please have this individual report to Doug Boonstra at the stadium at 7:50am (after the coaches meeting).

Volunteering and Team Expectations

Note: Each team will be expected to provide 2 additional volunteers to assist with various aspects of the meet including technique and relay exchange control.

  • Technique Control
  • Course Marshals – to direct skiers
  • Relay Zone – Need additional helpers to monitor the relay zone and move skiers out of the way after they tag off.
  • Start Lineup – need 2-3 workers per lane for all races.
  • Finish Line: 3-4 people to make sure skiers clear the finish zone. Get skiers up and away if they fall.

Questions: Contact Meet Coordinators