Loppet Foundation


The 24 and the Half-24

As a celebration of the Spring Equinox, 24 Hours of Wirth and the Half-24 begin and end with the sun. The 24 will begin at sundown on March 15, or 7:19pm. The half-24 will begin with sunrise on the 16th, at 7:24am. Both races will end at sunset on Saturday evening, at 7:20pm.

This does indeed mean that the 24 Hours of Wirth competitors will actually be putting in 24 hours and 1 minute, while our Half-24 racers will catch a break, only have to ski for 11 hours and 56 minutes.

Individuals and Teams

Participants may register either as an individual, as part of a team of two, or part of a team of four. Team race category options include single-sex and mixed FM or FFMM. In summation then, the eight possible race categories are F, M, FF, MM, FM, FFFF, MMMM, FFMM.


24 Hours of Wirth takes place on the Theodore Wirth snow making trails, meaning that despite a historical average high/low of 42°/25° we anticipate solid conditions.


No ultra is a cakewalk, and 24 Hours of Wirth is no different. Competitiors must be prepared to take care of themselves while they are on the trail.

But the racers are not be entirely alone, knowing that every time they pass by the Trailhead they will be greated by enthusiastic volunteers and a fully stocked ultra-style aid station.


Awards are given to the top three competitors in each race category. While no age category awards are given out, racers are continually encouraged by continual participation based awards.

Parking and Transportation

There are no transportation restrictions during 24 Hours of Wirth. Overnight parking passes are given out in registration packets and must be displayed on dashboards of cars parked in Minneaplis Park parking lots.