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Session Test Drive Waiver and Behavior Policy

Participants who would like to test drive a session need to email a signed waiver before participating in Loppet programming. Loppet Waiver PDF and TRAIL KIDS Behavior Policy.

Foundation Membership

All Loppet TRAIL KIDS participants are also required to be members of the Foundation. This can come in the form of a family membership or an individual youth/junior membership – which is $10. May become members of the Foundation through the TRAIL KIDS registration process or separately by clicking here.


Parents who cannot afford the published prices can apply for significant volunteer leadership with the Loppet Foundation. Loppet events form the best opportunities: Tri-Loppet for the summer session, Trail Loppet for the fall, and the Loppet for the winter session. Contact Mike Erickson to learn more. (612 701-2508 or erickson@loppet.org).

Need-based registration scholarships or equipment leases are also available. Contact Margaret Adelsman at the Loppet Foundation office to learn more (612-604-5332 or margaret@loppet.org).

For information about TRAIL KIDS Program scholarships contact Kim Rudd at kim.rudd@loppet.org.


Generally there are no refunds for Loppet TRAIL KIDS programs.  However, we recognize that some families may be unsure if TRAIL KIDS is right for them.  For that reason we offer, for first-time TRAIL KIDS participants only, the following refund policy: individuals who decide that TRAIL KIDS is not right for them within the first two weeks of programming may get their registration fee back, less $100.  The cost of the online transaction fee is not returnable under any circumstances. After the first two weeks there are no refunds.

2017 Summer Programs

2017 June & July TRAIL KIDS Mountain Bike Sessions

2017 TRAIL KIDS June Camp

2017 TRAIL KIDS August Camp

2017 TRAIL KIDS July Family Mountain Bike Camp

2017 TRAIL KIDS Adventure Mountain Bike Series

2016 Fall Programs

2016 TRAIL KIDS Fall Adventure Series

Registration Closed

2016 TRAIL KIDS Loppet Games

Registration Closed

2016 TRAIL KIDS Loppet Games Age Gap Relay

Registration Closed

2016 FAST KIDS Fall Program

Registration Closed

2016-17 Winter Programs

Full Winter Loppet TRAIL KIDS Programs

Registration Closed

Half Winter Loppet TRAIL KIDS Programs

Registration Closed

2017 Spring Programs

2017 Spring TRAIL KIDS

Registration Closed

2017 Spring Girls Mountain Bike Clinic

Registration Closed

Champlin Park Mountain Bike Demo and Clinic

Registration Closed

Wirth Mountain Bike Test Drive Event

Registration Closed

Elm Creek Mountain Bike Test Drive Clinic

Registration Closed

Spring Mountain Bike Clinic – May 21, 2017

Registration Closed

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