Loppet Foundation

LNR Fall Strength for Endurance Athletes

The LNR Adult Fall Strength session will primarily focus on building a solid base for Nordic Skiing and other endurance sports by utilizing body weight movements, barbells, free weights and plyometrics. Participants will learn to use correct technique for movements through hands on instruction. Also a large focus for the fall session will be mobility and stretching. Whether you are new to strength or have been doing it for years this will be a beneficial course to improve your overall performance for endurance sports.

  • Where:  Wirth Trailhead
  • Dates: Sept. 10 – Nov. 12
  • Day/Time: -Monday evenings , 6:00 – 7:30 p.m
  • Cost: $180 or $200 after August 31
  • Coaches: TBD