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★ Limited Pilot Project ★

A Little Fat Biking on the Snowmaking Loop On Our Slowest Nights

New at Wirth Park! Fat tire bikes now allowed on the snowmaking trails for limited hours.

Fat bikers with an all access pass on display may ride the snowmaking trails from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings when the trails are open (note that the trails will be closed on Friday, Feb. 1 for the Loppet Festival).

Trails are open to bikes with fat tires only – i.e., bikes with at least 3.7″ wide tires and with tire pressure less than 10 psi. Riders cannot ride on any other ski trails during fat tire hours or at any other time.

Riders must buy and display an all access pass in order to ride the trails. Note that riders who already have a pass for skiing may use the same pass for riding. But riding is only allowed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.

The Loppet Foundation reserves the right to shut down fat tire riding if conditions do not allow (for example, if bikes will drag in mud from surrounding areas.)

Like all trail users, bikers must ride under control at all times, and respect other users – be they skiers or bikers. Fat bikers may not ride in or on the classic tracks. Bikers should generally stay to the left (away from the classic tracks) on the snowmaking loop trails, and must follow the one way trail system at all times. Any fat tire biker using the non-lighted portion of the course must ride with a headlight.

Bikers may purchase a pass online or in The Trailhead at Theodore Wirth Park.

Note that during open times for fat tire bikes the trails will be open for BOTH skiing and biking. We understand that there are skiers who might think this may be dangerous or otherwise a bad idea. We have, however, tested this idea and there are numerous examples of dual use trails across the country – never with any real problem. Fat tire bikes go about the same speed as skiers except that, unlike skiers, the bikers have brakes. We have selected the times when the trails tend to be least used by skiers – and times that are immediately before the trails are re-groomed. At this point we do not anticipate ever opening up the trails for fat biking at all hours. The pilot is just to determine whether it may be appropriate to have fat bike hours on the snowmaking loop during slower times like this in the future.

Because this is a pilot we look forward to receiving feedback on your experience with the limited hour dual use trail concept.

Singletrack Trails

For Wirth bike trail conditions see the MOCA Facebook page or the MORC Trail Conditions.

Fat Tire Biking is an awesome way to enjoy miles of winter riding fun in Theodore Wirth Park.

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Biking is allowed on paved and plowed bike paths, or on designated mountain bike trails only. Biking is specifically NOT ALLOWED in the Eloise Butler section of trails (sometimes referred to as southeast Wirth), or on any groomed ski trails.

Biking in the winter on the Back 40 and Area 36 trails require ski trail crossings and therefore are limited to true fat bikes. Bikes must have 3.7″ tires or more and less than 10 psi tire pressure.