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South Wirth Park Ski Trails

South Wirth Park includes 10 kilometers, or about 6 miles, of groomed trail, with a mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced trails.

Natural Snow Trail Descriptions:

JD Rivers Loop: 1.75 kilometers of gently rolling terrain near Bassett Creek and Wirth Lake.

Wirth Lake Loop: 2.2 kilometers of generally flat/beginner trails that circumnavigate Wirth Lake and Jar Hill on the west side of the lake.

Anwatin Loop: 2.5 kilometers of hilly terrain, these trails are both beautiful and Most Difficult.

Picnic Pavilion Loop: 1.2 kilometers

Quaking Bog Trail: 0.5 kilometers of hilly intermediate to advanced terrain, this is one of the most beautiful sections of trail in Minneapolis.

Wedding Hill Trail: 0.7 kilometers

Norm Oakvik Trail: 1.7 kilometers

Erickson Trail: 0.9 kilometers

394 Ski Trail: 0.7 kilometers – This trail connects the hilly terrain of the Quaking Bog area with the flatter Chain of Lakes Regional Park. The trail is unique in that skiers cross Interstate 394.