Loppet Foundation

General Course Description

The Surly Brewing Co. Trail Loppet is challenging. There are big hills. There are narrow trails with rocks and logs. There are many intersections. Organizers mark the course well but runners need to stay focused in order to stay on the trail. The course is varied and beautiful. Participants might see a turkey or a fox. All three events – the half-marathon, the 7 Mile and the 5K, are a mix of asphalt paths (about 25%) and narrower dirt and grass trails and paths. The Half-Marathon course goes under Highway 55, and the Half-Marathon and 7 Mile go under Glenwood Avenue. Participants run on a boardwalk over Wirth Lake. They climb to the top of the snowboard hill. They encounter quiet lakes and trails. In other words, the Surly Trail Loppet is both a race and an adventure.┬áThe Trail Loppet is a┬áchallenging course with big hills, narrow trails, rocks and logs.