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My child is 6 years old and wants to join TRAIL KIDS, is he/she too young?

Each child physically matures differently so the answer may vary depending on your child’s ability to keep up with the other TRAIL KIDS. We often allow younger kids to come “test drive” a few sessions if their parents are willing to tag along for the entire session. After this “test drive” session, the coaches will make a decision as to if the younger child will be allowed to participate in the TRAIL KIDS Program. Sometimes they will be allowed only if the parent attends each session along with them. We want to make sure kids are able to follow directions and be both physically and emotionally ready for TRAIL KIDS.

My child is 13/14.  Should he/she sign up for a Juniors session instead of a TRAIL KIDS?

We have many 13 year old TRAIL KIDS participants who for all different reasons cannot make it to ski on their High School Ski Team. We have therefore created a “development team” of older experienced TRAIL KIDS who are challenged to do harder workouts. Those who are older and just starting out in Nordic Skiing will most likely be placed with younger aged kids who are at the same ability.

LNR Juniors has created a Development Team  for kids  13-16 year olds . The goal of the LNR Development Team is to close the gap between the Loppet TRAIL KIDS program and the LNR Competition Team. For more information on their program go to following link: Development Team

My son/daughter is completely new to Nordic skiing, mountain biking and trail running endurance outdoor sport. Can they still register for TRAIL KIDS Programs at any ability level?

Yes. We have many different levels of ability and ages that attend our year round TRAIL KIDS programs. We welcome both beginner to advanced skiers, bikers and runners/orienteering. We do recommend that if your child is new to Nordic skiing they should attend one of the fall TRAIL KIDS programs to help learn the dry land ski technique and work on their fitness level.

Does TRAIL KIDS winter program instruct both ski techniques ( skate and classic)?

Yes. TRAIL KIDS winter program instructs both classic and skate ski techniques. Participants must have both classic ( wax-able or for beginner the skintec skis work great) and skate ski equipment for the weekly sessions. Typically we do one day classic and one day skate, but it may vary depending on the weather and snow conditions.

What is the difference between classic and skate skiing techniques?

  • Classic Ski Technique : Classic skiing is the original Nordic skiing style and is what most people imagine when they think of cross-country skiing.Classic skis have a “kick zone”, which is an area of the ski base under the boot and binding. The kick zone sticks to the snow either because it’s made of a sticky material (waxless skis) or because it’s coated in grip wax (waxable skis).There are 3 classic ski techniques and you should learn them in this order: Diagonal Stride, Double Pole, and Kick Double Pole (a.k.a. One Step Double Pole). Diagonal Stride is the most powerful and is good for climbing hills. Double Pole is for higher speed travel on flats or small hills. Kick Double Pole combines elements of Diagonal Stride and Double Pole and is perfect for in between conditions. Classic Video
  • Skate Ski Technique: Skate skiing has only been around since the 1970s. It’s a thrilling, high speed sport that appeals to people who love skiing fast. Unlike classic skiing, skate skiing definitely requires groomed snow. It’s almost impossible to skate ski in deep, unpacked snow.There are 3 skate ski techniques ( V1, V2 and V2 alternate) which act like the gears on your bike. Low gears have more power and are good for climbing hills. Higher gears are for faster terrain and conditions. Skate Video

Do all kids purchase TRAIL KIDS race suits and warm-up pants/jackets?

It is not mandatory that kids race in a Loppet TRAIL KIDS race suit. Many of the kids have purchased the race suits and it helps them to feel apart of a ski club team. We highly encourage all kids to purchase a TRAIL KIDS warm-up jacket since they will be using it on a daily basis for practice.

Do all TRAIL KIDS participants race?

Coaches encourage all TRAIL KIDS participants to try racing when they feel confident in their ski and mountain bike technique and fitness ability. Some kids race 1-2 times per season, while others race 8-10 per season.

Does Loppet TRAIL KIDS rent out ski/bike equipment?

We no longer rent out ski or bike equipment. There are local ski shops that may have rental equipment. See our equipment page link for more information. Equipment Guide: Winter Nordic Ski Program