Loppet Foundation

Club Trailhead

★ Now Enrolling New Members ★

Welcome to Club Trailhead! In this health club, your ‘gym’ is the 759-acre natural space right outside The Trailhead’s doors. Enjoy amenities including showers, studio access, exclusive discounts, and secured lockers — then go play outside where you belong!


Becoming a Member

  • Daily Pass: $20/day
  • Monthly Membership: $40/month
  • Annual Membership: $350/year

The above rates are for individuals. Pricing for Dual (two people of same household) and Family (includes up to four people of same household but only two lockers) Monthly & Annual memberships are:

  • Dual Monthly: $65/month
  • Dual Annual: $600/year
  • Family Monthly: $80/month
  • Family Annual: $750/year

★ Ready to Get Started? ★

Stop by The Trailhead anytime during open hours (7 a.m. to 9 p.m.) and a customer service staff member will be happy to help you!

*All new and lapsed memberships subject to $25 activation fee.