Fall Run/Orienteering Equipment Guide

Fall TRAIL KIDS Equipment

Rollerski/Rollerblade Sessions:  The fall session will have a limited amount of rollerski/blade sessions. If your child is a beginner skier we recommend using rollerblades instead of rollerskis. We can teach the same skate ski technique on rollerblades.

  • Rollerski Safety Tips 
  • Rollerski/blade Equipment List
    • Skate rollerski or rollerblades
    • Rollerblade Rental: The Loppet has rollerblade rental available for those who need them for the fall season. Cost is $15 and checks can me made out to the Loppet Foundation.
    • Skate ski height poles with road tips (you can purchase tip ferrule at any local ski shop below). The ski shops can switch out your winter tips and put on road tips for you or it can easily be done at home with blow dryer and tip glue. TRAIL KIDS program has skate ski poles that come with rollerblade rental if needed.
    • Thin ski gloves
    • Optional knee and elbow pads (the Loppet has some wrist guards available)
    • Water bottle with waist carrier
    • Helmet
  • Orienteering/Ultimate/Relays/Adventure Races/Sessions: Running shoes and water bottle.

Participants who are new to roller skiing are highly suggested to use rollerblades. There are local ski shops that rent rollerski equipment if desired. See below for more information.

Rollerski Rental/Purchase:

TRAIL KIDS has a rollerblade rental program that includes skate ski poles as well for $15 extra. We do not rent rollerskis. We suggest all beginner skiers start on rollerblades. You can sign up to rent them at following link : Rollerblade rental.

Below are other options if you desire to purchase or rent rollerskis.

Pursuit Rollerski Shop:

The Rollerski Shop has created a  10% off coupon code just for TRAIL KIDS who would like to purchase the Pursuit Fork Flex 560 mm model that is recommended for youth.  FasterSkier.com recently ranked the Pursuit For Flex design above Marwe 620 XC: http://fasterskier.com/blog/article/living-the-dream-2016-skate-rollerski-review/

To order your rollerski equipment go to: http://www.PursuitRollerskis.com

Discount code: Trail Kids

GearWest Skate Rollerski Rental Program Details:


  • $50 for a rental for two months of fall program.
  • $40 of it could be contributed to the purchase price if you decide to keep them.
  • Rollerski rental does not include skate poles or skate boots.

Contact: Jan Guenther at Gearwest by emailing her at gearwest@gearwest.com to reserve your equipment today (You need to email if you need NNN or SNS binding system depending on what kind of skate boots you have).

Questions about Fall TRAIL KIDS Programs:

Please email/call coach Kim Rudd at: kim.rudd@loppet.org, 612-604-5337