Boys Spring Mountain Bike Program

This spring program for boys will focus on mountain biking skills for the beginner to advanced ability. Boys ages 7-13 will explore the single-track trails at Wirth Park while gaining skills that they can use for a lifetime! Non-binary and trans youth are welcome to join any group in which they feel most comfortable.

What can your child expect at a TRAIL KIDS Mountain Bike Program? Click following video clip and learn more: TRAIL KIDS Mountain Bike News Video

Youth will get a chance to participate in one of the adventure mountain bike races that are offered as part of our TRAIL KIDS program. Those who do not want to race can ride the course in our mass start sweep group which will not be timed.

During practice sessions, youth will be coached by trained Loppet coaches on a variety of mountain bike skills so they can become safe and confident riders. Skills include:

  • Ready/neutral position for descending hills
  • Pedaling/shifting efficiently
  • Controlling speed and braking safely
  • Cornering confidently
  • Handling obstacles and rocky terrain
  • Riding with vision

Participants will be tested at the end of the session on different bike skills and will be able to move up in levels as they progress through the summer program.

Spring Program Information:

  • Where: The Trailhead  ( meet at team flags in front of Trailhead building).
  • Equipment Needed: Participants will need their own mountain bike, helmet, and water bottle carrier to participate. We do not provide mountain bike rentals. Bikes need to have front and back wheel brakes on the handle bars ( no peddle brakes or kickstands allowed). Tires must have tread and be wide enough to ride safely on mountain bike trails.
  • Ages/Ability: Ages 7 – 13 boys beginner to advanced abilities welcome (we split into different coaching groups based on ability and fitness. We do not have programs for kids 6 and under so please do not register them until they turn seven years old. If your child has good biking skills and is mature enough we may consider them to start early. Contact program director for questions at email below.
  • Contact: For more information or questions about our summer programs contact program director at: trailkids@loppet.org.

Spring Program Options: (Wirth location only)

For TRAIL KIDS registration refund policy click here

Monday/Wednesday Wirth Spring Session:

  • Dates: June 1 -July 8
  • Session Days/Time: Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
  • Cost: $200 or 230 after May 20 (includes 12 practice sessions along with TRAIL KIDS t-shirt).
  • Scholarships Available: Fee reductions available for those in financial need. Please inquire by email at trailkids@loppet.org.

Tuesday/Thursday Wirth Spring Session:

  • Dates: June 2 – July 9
  • Session Days/Time: Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
  • Cost: $200 or $230 after May 20 (includes 12 practice sessions along with TRAIL KIDS t-shirt).

Registration based on ability: All TRAIL KIDS who attend the program must be able to ride their bikes safely on paved paths. Youth will be evaluated at the preseason mountain bike meeting April 27 at the Trailhead to make sure they are in correct ability group. When registering your child make sure to indicate their ability level as described below:

Beginner: New to mountain biking but can ride their bike safely on paved trails. We recommend all youth who have not gone through our program to start at this level to learn the fundamental skills of mountain biking. Youth who are more advanced riders but are new to TRAIL KIDS can be evaluated at our preseason meeting to move up into higher ability levels.

Intermediate: Participant has been through at least one season of TRAIL KIDS mountain bike program and has passed the beginner level TRAIL KIDS curriculum skills. Youth is able to ride up hills on single track and safely descend down hills off of seat in the ready position with pedals level.

Intermediate/Advanced: Participant has been through at least 2-3 seasons of TRAIL KIDS mountain bike program and has also progressed in speed on cornering, climbing and descending on a variety of intermediate single track trails. Riders in this group have intermediate bike skills along with fitness to ride at a good pace.

Advanced/Race Focused: Participant has been through at least 3 or more seasons of TRAIL KIDS mountain bike program and is able to safely ride all advanced trails at a fast pace along with riding over rock gardens and obstacles using correct bike/body positions. Youth in this age category desire to race and improve their fitness and technical riding skills.

If your son or daughter would like to test drive one of the Trail Kids mountain bike sessions please fill out the below waiver form along with the name of your child, age and emergency contact cell phone and email trailkids@loppet.org. If program fills before you have test drive then they may not be able to register for session.

Click here to download the Loppet Waiver form

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