Competition Team Session I

November 11, 2019 – February 29, 2020
(Break from Nov 22-30, Dec 22-Jan 3)

Loppet is proud to launch this off-season training program for recreational (Adventure Crew) and competitive (YO DEVO and Competition Team) youth cyclists looking to enhance their competence on the bike through a structured training regimen consisting of sport-specific strength training and indoor cycling programming using smart-trainer technology. Classes are structured to accommodate all abilities using a periodization framework and integrated biopsychosocial method, ensuring every participant gets a developmentally appropriate level of challenge according to their individual goals, competence, availability, and rate of progression.

Winter session is the first in a four-phase (~10 week sessions) sequence that will guide participants through an entire year. Though participation for the full year is not required, the option to attend the entire four-phase program provides the optimal support and instruction that has proven most beneficial for those seeking comprehensive, progressive, and consistent coach mentorship and instruction.

The Loppet Cycle Works off-season strength program is the launching point for young riders interested in all disciplines of cycling as well as for those who have discovered a passion for a specific discipline and are looking to take their riding to the next level.


For our current and future schedule of practice sessions, click here.

Additional Information

Ages: 14-22

Equipment: Water bottle, dedicated gym shoes, road bike, Smart-Trainer

Location: Trailhead, Kingfield

Maximum Participants: 10 (Trailhead) 20 (Kingfield)

Registration Closed

If you have any questions, please contact