Fall 2022

Loppet Roundup

Upcoming Loppet Programming

Fall Programming is Coming!

Registration will open Friday, August 5th, at 9 am! We are excited to be bringing back favorites from past years and are ready to celebrate fall Loppet style.

There is programming for juniors and adults of all skill level for biking, skiing, yoga and more! There are many returning programs so be sure to set a reminder to register!

Please also mark your calendar for October 1 when winter registration for programs like Trail Kids and LNR will open. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming winter programming from The Loppet Foundation.

Information on upcoming programs and events is listed below, so you and your family can become more involved with the Loppet this season. When you register for any program or event, you also have the option to donate or become a Loppet member – both of which support our mission and help create inclusive opportunities for all people to enjoy outdoor activities.

Registration for most programs opens August 5 at 9am. See the below for a list of every program offered by age.

Check out the following webpages for more information on specific program offerings and fall registration links:

For Juniors:

  • Loppet Run 365 (LR365) Juniors Development Team – Designed to introduce running as a sport as well as a means to improve performance in other sports.
    • Activities Include: running,
    • Skill Level: novice – intermediate
    • Age Range: 13 -15 for Development, 6-11 for Mini Devo
    • Offered in both Somali and English languages
  • LR365 Junior Competition Team – Designed to prepare runners ages 15-19 to compete at a state and national level.
    • Activities Include: running, competition based
    • Skill Level: Advanced
    • Age Range: 16 – 19
    • Offered in both Somali and English languages
  • LNR Juniors Development Team – Training for this young nordic skiers. The “Devo” group will be more varied than the Comp Team, and often less ski specific.
    • Activities Include: nordic ski technique, physical conditioning
    • Skill Level: intermediate
    • Age Range: 13 – 16
  • LNR Juniors Competition Team – The LNR competition team for 16-19 year olds and will continue to be focused on year round training with the goal of competing regionally and nationally.
    • Activities Include: nordic ski technique, physical conditioning, year round program
    • Skill Level: intermediate
    • Age Range: 16 – 19

For Adults (18+):

  • LCW Adults Fundamental Skills Clinics: Ideal for those who are already comfortable riding a bike on flat and even terrain looking to advance their mountain bike skills and technique. Please note that these clinics are focused on skills with little to no trail riding.
    • Activities Include: mountain biking
    • Skill Level: all levels welcome
    • Focused on skills, less trail riding
  • LCW Progressions Skill Clinics: For riders who have taken our Fundamental Skills Clinic, this Progressions Clinic is your next step in furthering your fundamental skills and learning a host of new skills to keep you riding safely with increased speed, control, and confidence.
    • Activities Include: mountain biking
    • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • LNR Fall Dryland: Get in shape for skiing with pre-season dryland training. Experienced coaches will lead sessions that include pole hiking/running, hill bounding, interval work and strength/conditioning. Balance work, ski specific circuit strength, and perfecting basic skiing motions will be woven throughout the sessions. Bring CLASSIC LENGTH ski poles to workouts.
    • Activities Include: pole hiking/running, hill bounding, interval work and strength/conditioning
    • Skill Level: Intermediate – advanced
    • *Also offered as Women’s Fall Dryland
  • LNR Rollerski: Sessions focus on interval training, specific strength and technique development for skate skiing. Initial focus on rollerski skills – balance, stopping, gliding. Then working on legs only skiing and double poling. Finally perfecting V2, V2Alt, and V1.
    • Activities Include: rollerski, legs only skiing, double poling
    • Skill Level: intermediate – advanced
  • Adult Strength for Endurance Athletes: Focuses on building a solid base for nordic skiing, running, and other endurance sports by utilizing body weight movements, barbells, free weights, and plyometrics.
    • Activities Include: strength training
    • Skill Level: intermediate – advanced
  • Fall Yoga: Yoga geared toward the athlete who wants to supplement their training routine as well for those who want to explore and deepen their yoga practice.
    • Activities Include: yoga
    • Skill Level: intro – advanced

Break the Cycle

Events and clinics for BIPOC young adults to learn about bicycle maintenance and careers in the bike industry.

  • P3 Community Ride: Pizza, pedal, professors is designed to empower the Twin Cities communities we serve to engage with bicycles at a level the neighborhoods want.
  • Bicycle Tech Lab: Bicycle maintenance educational courses to BIPOC community members interested in learning how to take care of their bicycle.
  • Red Bull Urban Portage (August 27): Save the date for the Red Bull Urban Portage! This event includes both marathon-distance and half-marathon-distance paddle and portage race on the Mississippi River. Stay tuned for more details!
  • Hennepin Healthcare Field Day & Surly Brewing Co. Trail Loppet (September 17 -18): The Hennepin Healthcare Field Day on Saturday is a fun-filled day of both competitive and non-competitive events for all ages and abilities. Our most popular trail running event of the season, the Surly Brewing Co. Trail Loppet on Sunday is a day of rugged, urban trail running in Minneapolis’s largest regional park. The Half Marathon and Half-Half (6-8 miles) races in Theodore Wirth Park are the ultimate urban trail running experience. Stay tuned for registration!
  • Community Celebration (October 13): Come join us from 5-7pm on Thursday Oct 13 at The Trailhead for a social evening like no other!