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Park Brook Elementary

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Park Book Elementary, located in the Osseo Public School district is a new addition to the Minne-Loppet’s programming efforts.

Walking through the halls of Park Brook one thing is apparent. Principal Scott Taylor and staff are dedicated to integrating physical activity into students daily routines. Every morning students jump start their day before classes commence by getting their bodies moving. Running, Canoeing, Mountain Biking, Snowshoeing and Skiing are just some of the year-round activities students and families are encouraged to participate in through school, Loppet and community sponsored programming.

Park Brook students and families are unique. Many of them participate in both the Minne-Loppet and the Luminary Loppet as part of the City of Lakes Loppet Ski Festival at the end of each January.

Park Brook’s programming is lead by Physical Education teacher Donna Gerber, stepping in for Suzy Gall while she is out on leave and Loppet Adventure Director, Anthony Taylor.

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A Note of Thanks from Principal Scott Taylor