Loppet Foundation

Elizabeth Hall

One of the newest schools added to the Minne-Loppet roster is Elizabeth Hall Elementary in North Minneapolis. Funded by the generosity of the General Mills Foundation, the Loppet Foundation is able to teach students as young as second grade the joy of Nordic Skiing. For many Hall students they have not only never been Nordic skiing but they have never heard of it. Their zest for learning to ski and ski fast is infectious.

Hall’s Minne-Loppet programming is made possible due to the dedication of Physical Education teacher Bill Bryand and Principal Bennice Young. Hall is coached by Loppet staff member Megan Trumper, long-time Minne-Loppet volunteer Kathy Steinberger and retired Minneapolis School Administrator Elizabeth “Biz” Hinz.

Elizabeth Hall’s Minne-Loppet program supports skiers of all backgrounds and abilities. “SPED”, or Special Education students at Hall also given the opportunity to ski in the Minne-Loppet.

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