Loppet Foundation

Information for Parents of U14, U12, and U10 Racers

Thank you for entering your child in the 2019 Mayor’s Challenge. Your young skier will experience racing in the same format as the top racers in the country. As a newcomer to a US Ski & Snowboard Association sanctioned race, we would like to walk you through what that means to you as a parent and familiarize you with the process.

The Youth Race is part of the CXC Youth Cup and Skiwerx Series. The event will follow the same procedures and rules that apply to the Junior Cup division, as well as the rules of the CXC Youth Cup. Only racers and credentialed coaches, race staff and volunteers are allowed in the start/finish area and on the course.

Please take note that the U14 and under categories are restricted to non-fluorinated glide waxes. If you are unfamiliar with this terminology, please contact your skier’s coach or amy@mysl.org.

If skiers need assistance on the course, they will be attended to by race officials. Non-credentialed individuals (read parents) may not ski, run or walk on the course. There will be designated spectator areas.

Skiers may warm up for their race across the street. In order to avoid conflicts with other racers, only racers are allowed to ski on the course.
Steps for a successful day:

STEP ONE: Pick up your skier’s bib in the Ryan room in the Trailhead.

STEP TWO: Escort your skier to the Trailhead Stadium (start and finish area). Put bib on and walk them to the tent entrance at the start area, where they will receive a timing chip that a volunteer will attach to their leg. You may want to take their warm-ups with you. At that point, your skier will proceed without parental help. You can help your skier transition away from you: tell them that this is what the “big racers” do and how cool it is that they are in a race with Olympians.

STEP THREE: We will start each skier. There will be volunteers to guide and assist.

STEP FOUR: Encourage your skier from the spectator areas during the race. You may want to tell your skier where you will be on the course before they enter the start pen.

STEP FIVE: After your skier crosses the finish line, they will receive a participant ribbon, have their chip and bib removed, and be assisted with taking their skis off by a volunteer.

They will then exit the finish area where you can give them their warm-ups and congratulate them on a great race!

STEP SIX: Don’t wander too far, because the awards ceremony will take place immediately after each category is finished and you don’t want your skier to miss their opportunity to stand on the podium should they finish in the top 3 skiers in their age category.

By failing to abide by these rules, you may unknowingly disqualify your racer. Thank you for following these rules so that we can run a safe, efficient race that allows each racer a fair and equal opportunity to do their best.