Loppet Foundation

Competition Rules


FIS, US Ski & Snowboard and CXC license holders will be seeded per their rankings. Non-ranked athletes will be seeded in the Open category in a separate event behind FIS, US Ski & Snowboard, and CXC license holders. Open, u20, u18, u16 athletes are required to have a US Ski & Snowboard membership. . Citizen and non-licensed competitors will be included on the non-sanctioned start list and will have their own event start time.

FIS Points

All competitors must have a valid US Ski and Snowboard membership and “Active” status FIS Code to be eligible for FIS points.

Classic Pole Length Rule

Per FIS rules (ICR 343.8.1), race officials will be enforcing the 83% classic pole length rule. Please ensure that you arrive at the start corral with sufficient time prior to the start time. For your reference, the athlete’s height will be measured with the race boots on and to the top of the uncovered head.

Technique Control Zones

The Organizing Committee is informing all competitors that, per FIS ICR 310.2.1, “the jury may ban or enforce the use of specific techniques on marked sections of the course”. The Jury has decided to use zones where only Diagonal Technique (including Herringbone with NO glide phase) with diagonal movement of both arms and legs are allowed. In Diagonal Technique only one pole is in the ground at any time. ALL other techniques are not allowed. Course controllers will be present to enforce the technique rule.