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Loppet Foundation/LNR First Cross Country Only Club in the Nation to Be Certified by USSA

This article was posted on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Loppet Foundation earns Podium/Gold Club Certification from USSA

This spring the Loppet Foundation received the highest level of club certification – Podium/Gold Certification – from the US Ski & Snowboard Association (USSA).  USSA’s podium level certification process involves a rigorous self-study and peer review of best principles and practices for ski and snowboard clubs.

The certification process started with a two-day visit to the Loppet Foundation by Brian Krill, USSA Club Development Director. Brian met with Foundation staff, board members and Loppet community members to better understand the workings of the Foundation, especially relating to the various USSA focus areas – like governance, finance, club development, etc.

The next step was submitting a formal application for USSA certification. Again, staff, board members and Loppet community members all contributed to assessing our strengths and weaknesses as an organization. In the end, USSA staff approved the Foundation for podium/gold certification. The Foundation is the only cross country only club in the nation to be certified by USSA and is among the top-20 of almost 400 clubs in the country. (See USSA article.)

Loppet Nordic Racing Head Coach Piotr Bednarski is excited about this development. “Club certification shows that we are doing things right. From coaching, to finances, to board supervision, the Loppet Foundation and LNR is among the best in the country. I’m really proud of that!”

Board Chair Bill Blazar echoes this sentiment. “Over the past several years we have worked to raise the performance of our organization in several ways. From the board, to the staff, to volunteers and the community, we have all taken the job of organizational development seriously and the Foundation is achieving better outcomes for all of our constituents because of that.”