Loppet Foundation

Farview Sprints

The Farview Sprints is an annual event held at Farview Park, one of the parks within the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board system. Farview Park, a new venue for the Loppet Foundation, has spectacular views of downtown Minneapolis and a number of hills that provide a good challenge to the young athletes, according to Jon Miller, the head coach of the Franklin Middle School Ski & Bike Team. The park is located across the street from Franklin Middle School.

The format of the ski race is called a “ski cross,” which is a timed competition where skiers compete on a short course and winners advance to subsequent rounds.

Participants include seventh and eighth graders from Anwatin, Franklin, and Northeast Middle Schools. The students are all members of the Loppet Foundation’s year-round ski and bike teams at their respective middle schools.

The Loppet Foundation is a Minneapolis-based nonprofit that engages people of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels in outdoor activities and offers programs in North Minneapolis elementary and middle schools.


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