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Allie Rykken completes the first leg of the Loppet trifecta.

Allie Rykken completes the first leg of Hoigaard’s Challenge.

Competition Categories


This purely participation category rewards participants for being present at all four Loppet events. At each Loppet event (City of Lakes Loppet, CityTrail Loppet, Tri-Loppet and Surly Trail Loppet) participants can choose any sub-event or they can choose to volunteer at a given event. For example, one could ski the Luminary Loppet, volunteer at the CityTrail Loppet, do a leg of a relay at the Tri-Loppet and run the 13.1k distance at the Surly Trail Loppet. General category participants receive a Hoigaard’s Challenge pin commemorating their efforts.


The races that count toward the competitive categories (Overall of Age Class) include: City of Lakes Loppet – Skate Marathon, Classic Marathon, or Fat Tire Marathon; CityTrail Loppet – 10 Mile; Tri-Loppet – Individual Category; and Surly Trail Loppet – Half Marathon.



To win the overall title participants must compete in all four Loppet events in the most competitive category/race. Placement is determined by adding together the total time for each competitor. Note that it is up to the competitor whether to do the Skate Marathon, the Classic Marathon, or the Fat Tire Loppet Marathon at the Loppet. If the competitor does more than one, we will use his/her best time to determine the overall Hoigaard’s Challenge time. Note that participants may only win the grand prize once every four years. Thus, if a person wins the overall title in 2017 that person is not eligible to win the grand prize again until 2021.

Age-Class Competition:

In order to allow more participants to have their scores count toward the Hoigaard’s Challenge Age Class Awards, the Hoigaards Challenge Age Class Awards will be determined as follows:

Points will be given for age class places in the following amount:

  • First place: 20
  • Second: 15
  • Third: 12
  • Fourth: 10
  • Fifth: 9
  • Sixth: 8
  • Seventh: 7
  • Eigth: 6
  • Ninth: 5
  • Tenth: 4
  • Eleventh: 3
  • 12th: 2
  • All others will receive 1 point.

Note that there is some variation in how these points are awarded based on the particular event. For example: The Classic Marathon has 10-year age classes, so only one male from age 40-49 can win his/her age category and earn 20 points in that event. But the Skate Marathon has 5-year age classes, so both the winner of the 40-44 age class and the winner of the 45-49 age class would earn 20 points from that event to go towards their Hoigaards Challenge Age Class points. Participants can decide for themselves whether it is better to enter an event with more people and smaller age classes (Skate Marathon) or with fewer people and bigger age classes (Classic Marathon).

The Hoigaards Challenge age classes run in 10-year increments, so in the above example, three 40-somethings would be tied at 20 points each after the City of Lakes Loppet (the winner of the 40-49 year age division in the Classic Marathon, the winner of the 40-44 year age division in the Skate Marathon and the winner of the 45-49 year age division in the Skate Marathon). But never fear, after head-to-head competition in the CityTrail, Tri-Loppet and Surly Brewing Co. Trail Loppet it will all get sorted out . . .

Each competitor may score up to the best three out of the four Series events. Examples:

  • Marlena is first in her age division at the Classic Marathon, 5th at the City Trail, 10th at the Tri-Loppet, and 27th at the Surly Brewing Co. Trail Loppet. Marlena would receive points of 20, 9, 4 and 1. Scoring the best three of four, Marlena would end up with 10 + 9 + 4 = 23 points.
  • Rosario is also in Marlena’s age class. Rosario is first in her age class in the Skate Marathon, she skips the CityTrail, and is 2nd in her age class at the Tri-Loppet and 48th at the Trail Loppet. Rosario scores 20, 15 and 1 point. She cannot throw out her worst score because she only did two events. Rosario’s total age Hoigaard’s Challenge age class score is 20 + 15 + 1 = 36.
  • Finally, Leslie does only the Tri-Loppet and Trail Loppet, but wins her age class at both. Leslie scores 20 + 20 = 40 points and beats both Marlena and Rosario in the age class competition. (Note that it is not necessary to do three or more events – but it is helpful for those wanting to do well).

Standings are posted after each event so participants know where they stand and with whom they are most directly competing.