Loppet Foundation


There are split times for the three individual segments of the event. Timing mats will be located at the paddle-run transition at Brownie; at the run-bike transition near The Trailhead and at the finish line.

Timing chips must be worn on the left ankle of each competitor to be read by the timing mats.

Timing chips must be returned after the event. Participants who do not return their timing chips will be charged $150 for a lost timing chip.

Relays will be provided with one timing chip per relay. One of the paddlers must wear the timing chip on her or his ankle (the timing chips attach with a Velcro strap). After the team boat is past the boat portage line (about 50’ out of the water), the timing chip must be transferred to the ankle of the runner. As soon as the chip is transferred the runner may begin running. Similarly, after the run, the team runner must transfer the timing chip to the left ankle of the biker. As soon as the chip is transferred, the biker may begin racing (there is no biking allowed in the transition area – biking may only begin after the biker has walked the bike out of the transition area).