Minne Tour

Sprints + Classic Ski Loppet + Skate Ski Loppet
$6,000 Cash Prize Purse

Do not let the name fool you . . . The Minne Tour is for the big dogs seeking to take their share of the $6,000 purse. The Minne Tour connects the Skate Ski Sprints, the Classic Ski Loppet, and the Skate Ski Loppet in one grueling weekend of skiing. The Minne Tour’s top finishers win cash prizes: $1500 for first, $800 for second, $400 for third, $200 for fourth and $100 for fifth.

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To qualify for the Minne Tour prize categories, athletes must register for, compete in and complete the Skate Ski Sprints, the Classic Ski Loppet and the Skate Ski Loppet. To make the registration process easier, before November 30 athletes may register for the Skate Ski Sprints and the Loppet Challenge. After November 30, the only option is to register for the three events separately.

Rankings are calculated based on total times from the Classic and Skate Marathons, with a time bonus subtracted for the top finishers in the Skate Sprints:

  • 1st – two minutes
  • 2nd – one minute
  • 3rd – 30 seconds
  • 4th – 15 seconds
  • 5th – 10 seconds

Note that in order to qualify for the Minne Tour prizes competitors must complete all events, including the Skate Sprints. Any athlete who has not registered for all three Minne Tour events by the close of online registration will not be entered into the Minne Tour and will not be eligible for cash prizes – even if the athlete registers for all of the individual events on event weekend.