March 14-17, 2020

Parallel 45Festival Overview

Parallel 45 Village is free and open to all. Here you’ll find information, food trucks, vendors, live entertainment and more. It is located in front of the Trailhead/Champions Club.

Once at the venue, all spectators must pick up an admission wristband at the registration tent located near the Chalet parking lot where the shuttle busses drop off. Wristbands must be worn and visible for entry to appropriate locations:

  • Infield: Plan on a 5-10-minute walk to designated entrance gates located at either 1) Upper Stadium Tunnel behind the Chalet or 2) Bridge by the Parallel 45 Village. These are the only entrances to the Course Interior where there will be information, food, beer, soft drinks, entertainment and activities. 
  • Grandstand: Plan on a 10-minute walk to enter the Grandstand entrance near the Parallel 45 Village.
  • Champions Club: Access to Champions Club is at the Trailhead and includes entrance to the Grandstand and Course Interior.

See Spectator Map for details.

What to expect at the venue

  • Please dress prepared for a variety of weather conditions and for being outside for the duration of the event. Consider the possibilities for snow, rain, ice and mud. In the event of rain, ponchos or rain jackets are preferred.
    • Umbrellas will not be allowed as they block event visibility and can be dangerous in the large crowds we are expecting.
  • Plan to have cash pay food vendors. There are no ATM’s at the venue.
  • Spectators are encouraged to bring their own EMPTY water bottles or insulated mugs in an effort to fulfill the Fastenal World Cup goal to have a low carbon footprint event. Water will be available for free and no outside liquids (including alcohol, beer, or wine) will be allowed inside according to Minneapolis Park and Recreation policy.

Before you arrive…

  • Allow plenty of time to park and walk from remote parking sites earlier in the day to avoid last-minute crowds and shuttle bus delays during peak hours. 
    • Bikes will not be allowed in the Course Interior. Leave bikes at the bike racks and bring a lock.
  • Arriving early will allow you to see the World Cup qualifying race at 2:15pm. As the event is held in our home country, the U.S. will be allowed to enter more athletes in the qualifying race (hopefully including some Minnesotans) than are usually invited to participate in World Cup races.

After the event…

  • At the conclusion of the race, expect long lines for shuttles back to remote parking. For those who choose to delay their departure, there will be plenty of festival and block party events occurring late into the night.

Please Note…

  • The race course is off limits to spectators at all times. Do not cross the trail. Do not go under ropes. Any spectators that attempt to enter the race course will be removed.
  • Please do not bring large or unnecessary bags on shuttle buses or into the event area. All bags are subject to search and seizure. Entry may be denied if items are potentially a hazard to yourself or others.
  • All plates and utensils are compostable and spectators are encouraged to recycle them in the correct containers.

The following will not be allowed…

  • No collapsible chairs.
  • No umbrellas.
  • No smoking/vaping allowed anywhere at the venue.
  • No dogs allowed at the Coop FIS Cross Country World Cup Sprint Finals.
  • No firearms of any kind will be allowed.
  • No air horns – MORE COWBELL!!