Saturday-Sunday, March 14-15, 2020

MyXC Festival & Championships

Club Championships for Younger Juniors!

Young skiers from across the Midwest race at Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis. Enjoy the adventure of skiing!

The MyXC Festival and Championships (formerly the Midwest Junior Championships & Festival) is a joint venture of the The Loppet Foundation and Minnesota Youth Ski League.

This event is restricted to non-fluorinated glide waxes.

MyXC Championships starts with the Classic Individual Start races and Classic Team Sprints, as well as a variety of exciting festival events, including the Fish Scale Frenzy. Sunday features the Mass Start Skate races, 4-person Mixed Relays and SkiCross time trials.


Classic Individual Start Distance Races

Competitors ski in the classical or diagonal stride style of skiing. As an individual start event this is a race against the clock. Skiers start in 15 or 30 second intervals depending upon the number of skiers registered. In the days before the event and after registration closes a precise start list will be posted. Note that skiers found to be skating during the classical race will be disqualified.

* This is a CXC Youth Cup event.

Sit Ski Mass Start

Competitors ski a 750m or 1.5 km course (2 laps of the 750m course). Volunteers will be on-site to assist on uphills as requested by athletes. The terrain will be held to IPC Standards.

Classic Team Sprints

Two skiers x three laps each (distance varies by age – check the race map for particular course). Start/finish in lower stadium area. For U-16, U-14 and U-12 competitors seeding according to Midwest JNQ or CXC Youth Cup standings going into the weekend (top seed of each pair is determinative).

Festival Events

Register for both Saturday competition events per person and get free entry to the MyXC Festival. Skiers not participating in the competitive events or those registered for just one competitive event may register directly for the Festival. Festival events include the Fish Scale Frenzy, Paintball Biathlon, Skier Tug-of-War, Scooter Soccer, (non-competitive) SkiCross (note that competitive SkiCross is Sunday only), and, if there is natural snow, skijoring demos.


Mass Start Skate

Competition by age class. In this event skiers of each age class start at the same time. For U-16, U-14 and U-12 skiers, competitors start in rank order according to their Midwest JNQ standings or their CXC Youth Cup standings going into weekend (note that standings WILL NOT be adjusted for Sunday’s races by Saturday’s results). Distances according to age class.

* This is a CXC Youth Cup event.

Mixed Relays

This four-person relay race consists of four freestyle skiers. There must be two boys and two girls within each team. Skiers will tag off between each leg to their partner in a transition zone using body to body contact. Skiers may choose their own partners and specify their choices during the registration process or they will be assigned to teams by the race organizers.

SkiCross Course

This is an obstacle course of multiple uses. It can be a warm-up track, a time trial, and/or a resource for some gnarly skier tricks! This year we will have two courses: the lower key loop near to the stadium (natural snow provided), that will be milder, and open to all ages and abilities; and secondly, an advanced course that will start in the Upper Stadium. Drops, jumps, tabletops, leg wobbles, you name it. This course is for advanced skiers only. The SkiCross Time Trails on the Advanced course will take place on Sunday, between the Freestyle Mass Start races and the Mixed Relays. Skiers registered for the SkiCross time trial report to the SkiCross area, check in and ski the course for a time. Fastest time in each age category wins.

*This is a CXC Youth Cup event.

Rules, Points, and Standings

Midwest Junior Championships Scoring

Age classes are as follows:
U16 – Age: 15 or 14
U14 – Age: 13 or 12
U12 – Age: 11 or 10
U10 – Age: 9 or 8
U8 – Age: 7 or younger

Kids must be 15 years old or younger or they are not eligible for the Midwest Junior Championships.

For each individual event, kids receive points depending upon their finish in their age class (male and female scored separately) according to the following chart. Relays are scored according to the number of team members (two person relays, get double points):

120 points86 points
215 points95 points
312 points104 points
410 points113 points
59 points122 points
68 points13 and below1 point
77 points

CXC Youth Cup

The Midwest Junior Championships & Festival includes two CXC Youth Cup series races: the individual start classic race on Saturday and the mass start freestyle race on Sunday. Find more information on their points system and race series here. Overall awards will be given out Sunday afternoon at the Awards Ceremony.


Prizes awarded for top-3 boys and girls in the following categories:

  • U16 – ages 14-15 – Classic Tandem Sprints, Classic Individual Start, Freestyle Mass Start, Mixed Relays
  • U14 – ages 12-13 – Classic Tandem Sprints, Classic Individual Start, Freestyle Mass Start, Mixed Relays
  • U12 – ages 10-11 – Classic Tandem Sprints, Classic Individual Start, Freestyle Mass Start, Mixed Relays
  • U10 – ages 8-9 – Classic Tandem Sprints, Classic Individual Start, Freestyle Mass Start, Mixed Relays
  • Youth – ages 7 & under – Classic Tandem Sprints, Classic Individual Start, Freestyle Mass Start, Mixed Relays

Separate prizes for top 3 boys and girls in the SkiCross time trials.

For those not present at the Awards Ceremony, awards will be kept for one month at The Loppet Foundation office – 1301 Theodore Wirth Parkway. Awards may be picked up there – call in advance to arrange a time: 612-604-5330.

Festival Registration

Register for the Saturday competition events and get free entry to the MyXC Festival. Skiers not participating in the competitive events or those registered for just one competitive event may register directly for the Festival.

Festival Passports

Festival Passport will be included in racers event packets. Festival participants rotate through the various non-competitive events with a suggested starting location. Skiers receive a stamp for participating at each station. At the end of the day skiers turn in their completed festival passports to the tend in the lower stadium area. All skiers who complete all events and get a stamp at each one receive a completion prize.

Festival Events

Festival Events line-up is subject to change based on snow conditions and equipment availability.

Fish Scale Frenzy – Waves by age group

A fun ski “race” organized by age-group, the Fish Scale Frenzy is designed for all skiers with fish scale skis. All participants receive a finishers prize. All skiers registering for the Festival are automatically registered for the Fish Scale Frenzy.

The Minnesota Youth Ski League will be providing free classic fish scale youth equipment for use during the Festival on a first come first serve basis.

Skier Tug of War

Practice your snowplowing and pull-ups, folks, because this is a slippery battle of strength and maybe a little bit of how grippy your gloves are! All ages U16 and under welcome.

Skier Obstacle Course

Use your agility skills to make your way through fun and challenging obstacles on skis.

Laser Biathlon

Try out a Paralympics Laser Rifle to test your aim with this accuracy challenge.

Medallion Hunt

Follow clues posted at the Festival tent to locate several hidden medallions! Prizes for the winners.

Snowperson Making Station and Photo-Op

Get creative with the snow! All materials provided to create your own unique Snowperson-ality! Have your photo taken with your new friend!

Crew Skis

A great opportunity work to as a team and try out the pair of a kind Crew Skis.


Enjoy a nice bonfire and cook up some s’mores while cheering on your friends on the ski course!

Skijoring Demo

Check out the exciting sport of Skijoring! Interact with the dogs and experienced racers and learn about this growing sport from ambassadors.

Parking & Transportation

Specator and participant parking ia available in the Trailhead LotThe Chalet Lot,  The Mortenson Lot and on street nearby (e.g. Plymouth Avenue). All are within a few minutes walk from the Trailhead.

Spectator and participant drop off may take place at the Trailhead Lot Turnaround.

The Metro Transit bus lines 7 and 32 stop directly in front of the Theodore Wirth Park Chalet.

Relay Assignments & Start Lists

Relay assignments and start lists will be posted on the website linked below as they become available.

2019 Relay Assignments & Start Lists »

Race Office/Packet Pickup

All skiers pick up their race bibs, Festival bibs and passports at The Trailhead (1221 Theodore Wirth Parkway).

Note that it is important that skiers turn their race bibs in after each race as the bibs are used more than once over the course of the weekend and the bibs are not keepsakes.

Saturday Morning

  • 8:00am – 12:00pm: Bib Pickup in The Trailhead**
  • 10:00am – 1:00pm: Festival Events
  • Classic Individual Start *See Start List for exact times; More specific times will be posted upon race week. U16 will begin, followed by U14, U12, U10, U8. This is a CXC Youth Cup event.
    • 9:00 am: Boys & Girls 3.5k – U16 (ages 14-15) – Green Classic Course
    • 9:15 am: Boys & Girls 2.5k – U14 (ages 12-13) – Yellow Classic Course
    • 9:42 am: Boys & Girls 2.1k – U12 (ages 10-11) – Orange Classic Course
    • 10:05 am: Boys & Girls 1.5k – U10 (ages 8-9) – Purple Classic Course
    • 10:20 am: Boys & Girls 750m – U8 (ages 7 & under) – Red Course
  • 10:30 am: Fish Scale Frenzy (wave start races, fish scale skis only)
    • 10:30 am: Boys & Girls 2.5k – U14/U16 (ages 12-15) – Yellow Classic Course
    • 10:35 am: Boys & Girls 1.5k – U12 (ages 10-11) – Purple Classic Course
    • 10:40 am: Boys & Girls 1.5k – U10 (ages 8-9) – Purple Classic Course
    • 10:45 am: Boys & Girls 750m – U8 (ages 7 & under) – Red Course
  • Classic Tandem Sprint Relays. 3 laps each, Red Course
    • 11:00 am: Girls 750m – U14/U16 (ages 12-15)
    • 11:25 am: Boys 750m – U14/U16 (ages 12-15)
    • 11:50 am: Girls 750m – U10/12 (ages 8-11)
    • 12:15 pm: Boys 750m – U10/12 (ages 8-11)
  • 12:45 pm: Group Photo by Awards Podium and Individual Classic & Tandem Sprint Relays Awards Ceremony

*The Fish Scale Frenzy is designed for all skiers with fish scale skis. Those wanting to race on waxable skis need to enter the individual start classic category. All skiers registering for the Festival are automatically registered for the Fish Scale Frenzy.

Saturday Afternoon

  • 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm: Bib Pickup in The Trailhead**
  • Freestyle Mass Start Race. This is a CXC Youth Cup event.
    • 1:45 pm: Boys and Girls 3.6k – U16 (ages 14-15) – Green Skate Course
    • 2:00pm: Boys 3.0k – U14 (ages 12-13) – Yellow Skate Course
    • 2:05 pm: Girls 3.0k – U14 (ages 12-13) – Yellow Skate Course
    • 2:15 pm: Boys 2.5k – U12 (ages 10-11) – Orange Skate Course
    • 2:20 pm: Girls 2.5k – U12 (ages 10-11) – Orange Skate Course
    • 2:30 pm: Boys & Girls 1k – U10 (ages 8-9) – Purple Skate Course
    • 2:40 pm Boys & Girls 750m – U8 (ages 7 & under) – Red Course
  • SkiCross Race – This is a CXC Youth Cup event.
    • 1:00 – 2:00 pm SkiCross Course open for practice
    • 2:45 pm – 3:30 pm: SkiCross Qualifiers – Start area will be in the Upper Stadium. Will use bibs from the Freestyle Race or assign upon arrival.
    • 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm: SkiCross Heats – Reordered heats of 4 by gender based on qualifier. Youngest participants will go first. One run only; place will determine final ranking.
  • 4-Person Mixed Relays (four freestyle skiers: two girls, two boys, each skier skis one leg) Red Course – note that unmatched skiers will be matched on-site.
    • 5:15 pm Boys & Girls 4x750m – U10/U12 (ages 8-11)
    • 5:40 pm: Boys & Girls 4×750 – U14/U16 (ages 12-15)
  • 6:00 pm: Freestyle Mass Start, Mixed Relays & SkiCross Awards Ceremony
  • 6:15 pm: Overall CXC Youth Cup Awards Ceremony – U14/U12

**Unless otherwise noted, events start and finish in the Lower Stadium adjacent to The Trailhead. There is parking near both the Lower Stadium and the Chalet. The Wirth Chalet is about a 200m walk north along Theodore Wirth Parkway.

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Registration and transaction fees are nonrefundable, including in the event of cancellation. Registration is not transferable to another person or another event for any reason, including injury. Competing under another person’s name will result in disqualification.

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