February 4, 2022

Open Course Race Format

Enjoy the City of the Lakes Loppet Winter Festival courses without the crowds

City of Lakes Loppet Winter Festival

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Many people are ready to get back to regular racing! However, in addition to our normal events this year, we are also keeping an “open course” option that participants told us they appreciated last year as a COVID-19 social-distancing option. In 2022, some participants will have the option of completing the marked City of Lakes Loppet Winter Festival courses on their own time (by themselves or with friends) without the crowds, mass starts, or competition structure. We hope you enjoy the trails with more space, but all the same challenge!

The Open Course Format will be available Friday, February 4, from 8am-4pm for select events. See below for specific events with this format offered.

Please note that unlike with the regular race format, there will not be race support during the Open Course Format, and participants must be prepared to be self-sufficient. There will be no aid stations nor course marshals during this time. Also note that road crossings will not have snow on them nor be closed down to road traffic for the Open Course Format, so you will need to remove your skis and walk across a couple sections of the course.

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Timing/Results Submission

The Open Course is self-timed and results will be listed online separate from the timed events.

Upload your Open Course results here.

Packet Pickup

Please plan to pick up your packet on Thursday at The Trailhead from 4-8pm, so you are able to wear your race bib when completing the course.

Race Offerings

The Open Course option will be available only for the following events. Open Course options will not be available for fat-tire bike, skijor, snowshoe, or Next Generation events. You can sign up for this option when registering for the events using the links below or by clicking the registration button above:

GPX Maps

For regular participant maps and google map options, please go to the Festival Maps Page. To follow the course, it is best to follow the course markings/arrows (know your arrows). If you wish to download a GPX file of your course (mostly, sorta close), download the following files:

Point to Point Loppet GPX

Point to Point Puoli GPX

Point to Point Tour/10K GPX

Trailhead Start Gear West 5K GPX