December 14, 21, 28 and February 8, 22

Fat Bike Invasions

Fat Bike Series

Dates: December 14, 21, 28 and February 8 and 22.

The Fat Bike Invasion events are geared towards getting people outdoors in the winter while creating a social environment. We strive to connect people and encourage participants to cheer on other categories. These events are the winter continuation of Wirth on Wednesdays Mountain Bike Series.

Headlamps and tail lights (and of course helmets) are mandatory. 

For further questions contact Jeremy Sartain at 612-414-5224 or via email at

Race fee of $20 per event. On-site registration will open at 4:00pm each night.
PLEASE NOTE: Relay teams for February 8 must register BOTH participants. If paying together, please select TWO tickets and fill in information for both participants.

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Categories are subject to change (additions or combinations) depending on need. We encourage constructive feedback each night!

Schedule / Race Categories during December dates:

  • Juniors (30 minutes) — 5:30pm
  • Novice Male (30 minutes) — 6:00pm
  • Novice Female (30 minutes) — 6:01pm
  • Short Distance Male (30 minutes) — 6:30pm
  • Short Distance Female (30 minutes) — 6:31pm
  • Open Fat-Bike Male (60 minutes) — 7:00pm
  • Open Fat-Bike Female (60 minutes) — 7:00pm

Schedule / Race Categories during February dates:

February 8: Nordic Ski / Fat Bike Relays

  • Short Distance Relay Male (30 minutes) — 5:30pm
  • Short Distance Relay Female (30 minutes) — 5:31pm
  • Open Relay Male (60 minutes) — 6:15pm
  • Open Relay Female (60 minutes) — 6:16pm

* We will assist with pairing Nordic skiers with fat bikers. Skiers will start and then alternate each lap with the fat bikers.

*A junior category may be added if demand exists.

February 22: Nordic Skiing vs. Fat Biking

Let’s put to the test who is fastest… Nordic skiers or fat bikers! Both athletic disciplines will compete on the same course, and at the end of the night the average time for the top 5 males and females in each category will be calculated to determine the fastest sport. Racers can choose to compete in one or both disciplines.

  • Short Distance Nordic Ski Male (30 minutes) — 5:30pm
  • Short Distance Nordic Ski Female (30 minutes) — 5:31pm
  • Open Nordic Ski Male (60 minutes) — 5:32pm
  • Open Nordic Ski Female (60 minutes) — 5:33pm
  • Short Distance Fat Bike Male (30 minutes) — 6:45pm
  • Short Distance Fat Bike Female (30 minutes) — 6:46pm
  • Open Fat Bike Male (60 minutes) — 7pm
  • Open Fat Bike Female (60 minutes) — 7:01pm

* Juniors can choose short or open categories and will have their own awards.

All participants receive a raffle ticket for amazing swag prizes at the end of each night. Small prizes are awarded to the top 3 finishers in each category for the December races and the February 8 race after each race. The February 22 race will have a trophy for each category that will be passed to the winners (Fat Bikers or Nordic Skiers) each year.

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