Loppet Foundation


“Enduro” is a term borrowed from the mountain biking world. An enduro is a race within the race. The idea is to see which skier is the fastest on a given section of the trail. The Loppet’s enduro section is about 800 meters long in the Eloise Butler section of trails – in an area that is generally downhill and/or flat. See Blue (Marathon) Course Map. There is a timing mat placed at the start and finish of the enduro section – with flutter flags marking the start and finish of the enduro section. The skier with the fastest time on this section of the course – as measured by the elapsed time between the timing mats – wins the enduro.

Skiers may want to think strategically about how to approach the enduro. It might be good to go slow before hitting the enduro, both to rest and to allow other skiers to get further ahead so that there is no one in the way as the skier heads through the enduro section. It might be better to purposely ski right behind another skier in order to draft for all or part of the enduro section. And some skiers may choose to ignore the enduro section altogether.

But there is no going back and there are no do-overs if skiers become tangled along the way. Once a skier crosses the first enduro timing mat the die is cast . . .

After Saturdays Classic Marathon race the fastest enduro skier in each age class will be awarded a 30 second time bonus toward their age class competition in the Loppet Challenge. Similarly, if the overall fastest male and fastest female in the enduros are competing in the Minne Tour then those skiers will receive a 30 second deduction on their overall Minne Tour time. However, if the fastest enduro skier is not in the Minne Tour then there will be no time bonus for that enduro in the Minne Tour.

Sunday’s Skate Marathon will include the Enduro as well, times will be recorded but no time bonus’ will be awarded.

Please note that like all Loppet events, the goal is meaningful fun for all. Please use good judgement on the entire course, including the Enduro section. If another skier gets in the way, don’t bowl them over but use this as an enhancement to your story after the race: “I would have been 25 seconds faster if it weren’t for that Munger guy getting in my way . . .”