Loppet Foundation

Age Gap Relays

The Loppet’s Age Gap Relays are designed to provide an adult-child connection at Loppet events. Mentors, parents, grandparents or other adult friends or relatives ski, bike, run, or paddle together with youth at Loppet events through the Loppet’s Age Gap Relays.

The Relays take many forms – but the theme is partnering together to achieve a goal. Adults start so the kids can get the glory of crossing the finish line. Some events are 2 legs x 2 people – with each participant doing two legs. Some are 3 legs x 2 people – with each participant doing three legs.


The fastest three teams for each gender in each Age Gap Relays age category – U10, U12, U14, and U16 (click here for more information about USSA age classes) at each event are recognized for their efforts with ribbons or medals. The age and gender of each team is determined solely by the age and gender of the child. Thus, a 13 year old girl matched with a 63 year old man would be classified in the U14 girls age category. The adult’s gender and age are irrelevant. However, the adult must be at least 10 years older than the child in order to qualify.


The Age Gap Relays calendar year begins in October with the Loppet Games, with events happening all year round.

Become a Age Gap Relay Partner

At the Loppet we make our best efforts to encourage youth to bring their parents out. But there are some youth who need a partner. Partners can work with a child at one event or, preferably, at a series of events over the year.

Contact Marybeth Liebsch at volunteer@loppet.org with interest in becoming an Age Gap Relay Partner.