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Adventure Camp Mementos

This article was posted on Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Andy Harris, Adventure Camp Director

At the end of each week of Adventure Camp, after the race is run and after parents and counselors and teammates share stories of the week, there is a all-camp awards ceremony that takes place in ‘The Bowl,’ a natural amphitheater that also serves as a radical half-pipe for mountain bikers.

During the awards ceremony, campers receive a few mementos for all their effort: cookies — sometimes even homemade late the night before in a certain camp director’s kitchen — and a ‘Certificate of Excellence,’ printed out on 28-pound paper. Now, this doesn’t seem like a lot. There will be thousands of cookies in a camper’s life, many of which will be more delicious than the hearty oatmeal raisin which are a speciality. I sometimes find Certificates of Excellence strewn about after camp scatters on Friday afternoon.

But, in a deep way, these mementos are precious. They are the physical reminder that an extraordinary week of camp took place and that you (yes, you!), were a part of it. They are made special because Adventure Camp is special, because the friendships made at camp are special, and because the adventures there can take you to places you may never imagine.

Only campers get the end-of-the-week cookies and certificates. So, what can we, the larger Adventure Camp community, hold onto?

Well, a few milestones…

… a staff mostly made up of young women and North Minneapolis residents for the first time
… a brand new rainy-day hideout, otherwise known as The Trailhead
… an incredible partner in the JD Rivers’ Garden — special shoutout to Lebo Moore and Ellen Goedtke for sharing their knowledge with camp!
… new winners of the Adventure Race!
… repeat winners of the Adventure Race!
… Junior Loppet teams taking their place as leaders of the camp community
… more smiles than ever before
… fewer injuries than ever before
… countless laughs
… just about 500 campers making the magic of Adventure Camp possible

And, in lieu of oatmeal raisin cookies and a smart certificate, these are pretty good mementos for us to share of Summer Adventure Camp 2018.