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Adventure Camp Gets Ready for a New Adventure!

This article was posted on Friday, July 20, 2018

Andy Harris, Adventure Camp Director & High School Liaison

In a year full of adventures, this camp director is looking forward to perhaps the most exciting one of all: getting kids outside and active through Summer Adventure Camp! After a large construction project led to a short hiatus over the winter, Adventure Camps are coming back with a bang in Summer 2018!

While final touches are being put on The Trailhead, we are looking forward to returning to shores of Wirth Lake for perhaps the last time. Adventure Camps are now nearly full, and our latest cohort of camp counselors are ready to brave whatever storms and sunny days lie ahead. Spending their days in weeklong camps learning orienteering, paddling, mountain biking, and so much more, the kids in this summer’s Adventure Camps will be making memories to last a lifetime. They’ll also be building grit and earn bragging rights for when they grow up to become camp counselors themselves.

Ah, I can hear it now: “When I was your age, we didn’t have a fancy newfangled Trailhead building! When we had morning thunderstorms, we hiked a mile up-hill, both ways, to the old Chalet using wild rhubarb as makeshift umbrellas.” But I digress…

From humble beginnings, we’ve seen Adventure Camp grow over the years into what it is today! Serving more than 450 kids this summer, this is where the adventurers of tomorrow are born. We can’t wait to see what’s next for these campers and this camp but for now, our old-school digs will have to do!