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Run Club Makes Big Tracks

This article was posted on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Andy Harris, Adventure Camp Director & High School Liason, Loppet Foundation

We got right to running — Coach Kevin could tell that us, the twenty-odd runners, were getting cold, jumping up and down in our running tights and form-fitting hats and gloves. “We can talk while we run,” he said. And like that, the spring season of Loppet Run Club 2018 began.

Coach Kevin Johnson is certainly perceptive, but his decision to start right quick was also informed by the fact that it had snowed two inches earlier in the day, was snowing during practice, and the forecast foretold maybe seven inches of more snow on the way in the next twenty-four hours. Many Loppet Run Clubbers wished for our snowshoes and skis as we half-ran, half-trudged to the Quaking Bog for some hill work.

But after getting our legs turned over, we found ourselves shedding layers and hats. The workout: at least three, and up to six, treks up a triple-riser hill in the already-steep Quaking Bog. Yeah, no kidding we got hot.

As far as this runner could tell, there were no major slips or falls — and there were lots of smiles and cheering as Run Club paraded up and down, up and down. And it was a kind of parade! We were celebrating a great spring (winter?) day, a great sport, and a great public park that does not close simply because there are a few flakes in the sky.

We hung around waiting for some runners, looking for more to finish, and went on into the snowy night with exchanges of, “See you on Saturday!” Of course, the Ultra Runners — those fleet of foot folks who willingly sign up for 50-kilometer races — are in for a special treat on Wednesdays courtesy of Coach Dave Bitner.

By Tuesday morning, so much snow had fallen, I bet you couldn’t see our tracks up and over that hill in the Quaking Bog. And, by our upcoming Saturday long run, our tracks will surely be snowed on and trampled over and re-covered. But boy did we make ‘em!

Want to run in the snow with cool runners of all skill levels? Sounds like you want to join Loppet Run Club! There’s still time to register!

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